Job 38:1-11 

Psalm 107:1-3; 23-32 

2 Corinthians 5:14-21 

Mark 4:35-41 

“Wrestling the NE Wind” 

Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen. 

Many of you who live up here your whole life, or at least of it,  are aware of the storms and floods that may come with the NE  Wind. I myself am just a newbie up here and though I have  witnessed several NE Winds and its terrible storms, I wager that I  have only witnessed a small portion, a taste of the might that the  winds could bring to Catawba and Marblehead and Port Clinton.  What happened on the week leading up to Memorial Day and the  Walleye Festival is about the worse storm I have yet to witness up  here. The grounds flooded, merchandise all over the place, tents  toppled, dead fish in people’s yards. Again, you may have  witnessed worse, but that was the worse I have witnessed here. 

Now before you accuse me of being sheltered, I have  witnessed many floods. Down in Dayton and over in the valleys of  Pittsburg, with the Great Miami River and Ohio River, the people  are well acquainted with water related property damage and  massive floods. With Dayton in particular there are roads I grew  up crossing regularly which had a very high frequency of floods.  In fact many times I have witnessed the very drive I live on,  flooded over; we had a nearby creek. Now the drive was itself a 

hill, but the closer you got to the creek at the foot of the drive the  higher the flooding was. 

So I grew up with my own fair share of floods, but what I  didn’t grow up with, due to the fact that I grew up in a valley, was  the massive and harsh winds that Catawba gets. Many of you are  prepared for such winds, just as how many in Dayton are  prepared for floods. And just like how many in Dayton have come  to an understanding of floods and such, all the risks and the risk  managements, and a healthy dose of respect towards our  relationship with the river, so too does Catawba with regards to  the lake and her winds. Many of you know the risks associated  with living up here, many of you have risk management, and  many of you have a healthy level of respect towards the terrifying  might of the Lake. 

Do any of you honestly believe that you, by your own might,  can stand up against the NE Wind? When a NE wind comes do  any of you can get on a bout and wrestle against the storm? And I  ask you this, if a friend decided to do just that, intentionally get in  a bout to wrestle with the Wind, what would your response be:  laugh at their stupidity, angrily chide them, worry over them? Such  a person is either incredibly foolish or very brave. 

A healthy level of respect would tell you that there are  somethings that you do not have the power to control, and thus  instead of fighting the storm you ride it out and wait for it to blow  

over. But there are many of us who pay no attention to the  warning signs or do pay attention but pay it no mind. Why? Well,  because there is another pressing issue at stake, something that 

can’t just wait. For Jesus it was his mission. He had a duty to  complete, so He and his disciples got on a boat to cross the lake. 

Now I can imagine the fishermen of Jesus’ crew, Peter,  Andrew, James, and John, reading the skies and being all  concerned over the coming storm. But Jesus said go, and so they  did. By the time the harsh winds caught up the reactions we  witness to the storm between Jesus and his Disciples are quite  different. The Disciples are all terrified, they respect and know the  winds, and they knew that death was just around the corner. Had  it been up to them they would have waited until after the storm  before they set out on a boat. Jesus on the other hand, has no  respect towards the wind, but ignores it and sleeps soundly in the  boat. Of course the Disciples are going to chide Jesus for  sleeping as they concern for their lives, “Teacher, do you not care  that we are perishing?” That is when Jesus rebukes the wind, and the wind stopped. 

We respect the storms because we have no control over it,  instead we recognize its full potential, measure all the risks, and  act in a way that is most appropriate and most prepared to  accomplish are goals while mitigating any damage that might  accrued do to the coming storm. The fear the disciples had was  because they understood the storms and knew they were not  prepared but rather doomed. Yet they forgot something important. 

Instead of chiding Jesus, did they ever consider why Jesus  was so relaxed? Out of fear of the storm did they forget who was  sleeping in their own bout; who Jesus truly is? Here is God! God  doesn’t respect the storms, the storms respect God! What does 

Jesus have to worry about some little storm? And yes I said little  storm. Here is an image. In those days and many centuries prior,  the respect and healthy fear toward the seas was elevated to  godhood for many pagans. If the storms were a brewing then the  gods were angry. Humans cannot fight against such power and  thus they turned to appeasing these gods. To find favor with them  so as to calm their anger and thus be able to cross the seas. To  the Romans, Neptune was one of the most feared gods. The  open seas terrified them. Now imagine the storms are whipping  up and the terrified Romans are cowering before their scary god  and here comes the one and only true God who looks down at  this puny god and says, “Stop that. Now go to your room, stop  your whining, and think about what you have done.” The winds  serve God, so what has he to fear of such insignificant storms? 

The whirlwinds might be mighty, but God is mightier. So you  think wrestling the winds foolish, what about wrestling with God  Almighty? And here we come to the story of Job. Job is in a  terrible state, for because of his faith he is probably the most  unfortunate and pain stricken person who was walking the earth.  He was so miserable that he started complaining to God about his  suffering, getting angry at God, and wished he was never born.  He demanded that God answered him explain why he, Job, the  most faithful follower of God currently on earth, was suffering so  much. He demanded answers. Oh, so you’re going to wrestle with  God, I hope you know what you are getting into because here he  comes. God Almighty, whom even hurricanes and earthquakes  and tsunamis and volcanoes bow to, has arrived like a tornado,  “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?  Dress for action like a man; I will question you, and make it known 

to me.” Dress for action like a man. In other translations it says,  “brace yourself like a man,” and still others, “gird up your loins like  a man.” Basically, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” It was time to  wrestle and if you truly wish to wrestle with God then don’t cower  but act like a man, and yes, God did tell Job to act like a man.  You asked me to come down, so here I am, do not be surprised  when I bring all my might with me, so be a man and own up to  your challenge as I pummel you with words, as I talk down to you  about my might. What you see here in our first lesson is but a  short snippet of God’s speech, which is 4 chapters long or 124  verses. 

You who fear the storms who are you to demand answers  from me whom the storms fear and obey without question? Now  because Job is an incredibly faithful man and is quick to  repentance whenever he actually does do something wrong, after  God severely chastised Job, he did own up like a man and  instead of giving in to anger he bowed down to God and  apologized, saying, “I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear,  but now my eyes sees you; therefore I despise myself, and repent  in dust and ashes.” It should be noted that just earlier, Job said to  his friends in 28:28, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom,  and to turn away from evil is understanding.” After Job’s apology,  God did bless him and protected him. 

So I ask you this, which would you rather have, God for or  against you? Would you rather wrestle against God or have Him  wrestle on your behalf? Do you not fear the storms? Does not the  storms fear God?

Here is the thing. When Jesus came, he came to save us all  from our sins, he died for our sake. But he will not force his grace  upon you. He is not some evil tyrant, aka totalitarian, who forces  His will on you, for you can choose to walk away from Him and be  against Him, but if you are against Him, you won’t receive his  blessing, mercy, or grace. Yes, He is still trying to give it to you,  but you are the one deciding not to receive. On the other hand, if  you are willing, Christ will act as your shield, He wants to ask as  your shield, fight against the Devil on your behalf, guarantee  Salvation, and even provide the occasional miracle, for Jesus is  not subject to the storm, he is not lesser than the storm, he is not  afraid of the storm, but rather the storm is subject to Christ. 

Let us pray, 


Dear Heavenly Father, woe is we for we who are worthless  worms, incapable of commanding the winds to blow the way we  wish it, dare to command you who controls the winds. We ask for  protection against the storm while also fabricating false images of  you to our liking. Give us the wisdom to have more fear in you  than in any storm that comes our way, to respect you for who you  truly are and for not what we wish you to be, and to love you and  your self-sacrificing defense against all that assails us. In your  most holy name we pray, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

King Maker


Grace and peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.


          Many of you may know of the concept known as king maker. It is a political term referring to those with such power that they in the end have the ultimate say of who is at the top and how those at the top operate. This could be the long standing respected elder who speaks and all listens. This could be the stubborn collective of individuals who will always vote in tandem and never for anything except for that which perfectly matches their ideals. This could be those close to seats of power directing the country from the shadows. Examples of such that comes to mind includes a young king's wise high counselor of whom the young king listens to and respects; or a conspiring rich person who has his money in the pockets of many who legislate, judge, and execute power; or Benjamin Franklin during the early years of our country whom many were willing to change their minds if Benjamin said so; or, in fantasy, Merlin who practically raised the new King Arthur.


          There are many variations and examples of this concept of “King Maker” but there is one thing they all have in common, they all have the power, whether that is out of respect or cunning or abusive behavior, to get their desired outcome. For many, all they have to do is speak and things happen.


          Now there is one “King Maker” that is far grander and effectively capable than all the other “King Makers”. For all other “King Makers” are but humans, but this one is God Himself, particularly God the Father. Is not God the creator of all things? Did he not just speak and things came into being. Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be earth, and rain, and vegetation, and beast, and humans. All came to be with a simple word. He speaks and it is so. Then there is the fact that he gave dominion over the earth to his final and greatest creation, humans. He gave us dominion, authority, the right to tend to His world as we please, and eventually also the right to govern ourselves with the sword. He basically made us kings.


          But there cannot be a house full of chiefs, for one must eventually take charge. Wars and power struggles have been waged all to settle who would have dominion and power and the right to rule. Many have waged battles out of fear of a new rising power. The Hebrews were persecuted by the Egyptians out of fear of their rising numbers. So the pharaoh craftily put them into chains of slavery. Yet these people, chosen by God, Children of Israel, eventually were freed from slavery and found themselves in the land given to them by God. Israel grew in strength, by the blessing and direction of God to the point that it became a shining beacon that all other nations looked up to. They, a once small people, a cedar sapling, became the mighty and noble cedar tree that grew on the highest peak, placed by God Himself.


          Israel's might came from God, for without Him they would have been nothing, but through Him they became the envy of the world. God was their King Maker, but he didn't just make Israel. It was God who appointed David and made him King of the Jews, this little shepherd boy. God picked him of many to become the mighty king of Israel. And through David, Solomon, and the many descendants there of. Some good, some bad, all of whom would have never of been King without God who first chose David.


          But eventually the kingship of Israel came to an end with God's people being put back into chains. Israel split into two countries and their might was halved and they became enemies of each other. Rival countries filled with evil did Israel become, brother against brother. They were not the united country they once were. They ceased to be what God intended to be. Instead the land of Israel that was blessed by God split into Israel and Judah. Two nation states occupying an area intended by God to be as one nation. Kind of like Israel and Palestine today. God did not like this, and because the two could not unify under God's Judean law, under the Torah, as one Israel, He, their benefactor, led them to slavery as punishment by blessing their enemies. God is their King Maker, and because they could not follow Him, He, the source of Israel's might, took this great country and brought it to its knees. Israel under Egypt was the lowly, and under God they became the high tree; Israel before their Babylonian Captivity was the high tree, and God brought them low.


          Eventually Israel was released from their captivity and was starting back up again, yet there was still great sin and turmoil. Israel was never the same, and instead of being a great nation they found themselves subjects to the First Reich, the Roman Empire. When will their next David come? When will God send a savior? When will our King Maker appoint for us a Messiah who would lead us back into Salvation? God gave His people a promise; when was He going to deliver?


          Under Pontius Pilate there was a new king. For God sent us the greatest of kings, His own Son, King of Kings. This, Jesus of Nazareth, was to be the desired Messiah, but not the kind the Israels expected. He came in might, but not their expected might. He came with power, but not with the expected power. He came with authority, but not with the expected authority. Jesus Christ, the greatest of kings, did not come with political might, power, or authority, but with God, His Father's, might, power, and authority. None could challenge His might. But what is His might? The authority Jesus was one of true Salvation and eternal life. His was not a temporal usage that granted momentary pleasure, but a much higher one which provides for all who come to Him everlasting bliss.


          Under Pontius Pilate, Jesus came to His fulness when he willingly gave Himself up on the cross. He hung on that tree, raise for all to see, wounded, bleeding, broken, with a crown of thorns on His head, and a sign that claimed Him as the King of the Jews. He was the mighty who was humbled for our sake and crushed with all our sins towards Hell. He was the humble, lifted up for all to see, on that awful tree. Yet through Him, we too are lifted up. We send to Hell with Jesus all our sins, denying ourselves, humbling ourselves. We like in baptism, are buried with Jesus, putting to rest the old Adam. But also through Jesus we are raised high as new Adams.


          We are dreadful sinners, and because of our sins we can't do anything but despair over our inadequate nature. We are doomed to fail, doomed to damnation, already. Who are we but wicked worms? Yet we who are tarnished rubble, cracked and damaged, because of our sins, through Christ are wiped clean, restored, mended. Through Christ we are like a cracked and dirty piece of furniture that is sanded, glued, repainted, stained, buffed, and all sorts of measured used to restore a piece. Christ does this to us and for us. He looks on us lowly persons with compassion and gives Himself up for us so that we may be able to be brought up to lofty heights.


          And I ask you this, are we, saved by Christ, not heirs to God's Kingdom? Did not Christ say that if we love Him and follow Him that we we be considered His brother or sister? And if we are brothers and sisters to a king what does that make us? What was that title I used to describe Jesus Christ? King of Kings! He is the King of kings, but who are these kings that Jesus is the king of? You and me. Because we are heirs of God's Kingdom then through Christ our King, God the Father anoints us lowly servants as kings. God is still our “King maker”.


          In the beginning He appointed Adam and all of humanity through him as “kings” by giving him authority over all the earth. Through Christ, we are once again appointed, Christian Kings.


Let us pray,


          Dear Heavenly Father, you who placed all the stars in the sky and appointed the hours of day and night, you who created all thing and is the source of all authority, We ask that through your Son Jesus Christ that you continue to humble us and put to rest our wickedness, and to each day help us rise from our sinfulness in faith toward you. We ask this in your most glorious name Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Deuteronomy 5:12-15 

Psalm 81:1-10 

2 Corinthians 4:5-12 

Mark 2:23-28 

“All for our sake” 

Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen. 

Many of you may have grown up with parents that regularly  gave you a healthy dose Vitamin N throughout your lives; N as in  “No”. You ask for something and your mother or father would,  from your perspective, unreasonably tell you that they would not  allow you to do or receive said thing. Now I say unreasonable  because we were just kids and could not understand. It is only  when we grow up that we come to realize the love of our parents  through the copious no’s we have received. 

Can I have a cookie from the cookie jar? No, you will ruin  your appetite before supper. Well that is unreasonable, cookies  taste good, so they must be good to eat and it appears that my  parents are starving me by telling me I can’t eat these delicious  treats. This is a perspective a kid might have, trying to rationalize  the desire of their sweet tooth. Of course, adults would definitely  understand why eating treats before supper is not ideal and why it  is perfectly reasonable to tell their children no in this respect. This  is but a simple example, and there are many more less humorous  examples of Vitamin N: don’t smoke, don’t hang out with that  crowd, no games until after you do all your homework and  studied, don’t be away from home after a certain time, no 

sleepovers with the opposite gender, no allowance until you do  this or that, etc. 

All of this is done because your parents truly care for you,  the copious amounts of no to all the things you want to do.  Growing up, my mother was such a person to me and I thank her  for the strict parenting I received. Her goal was to raise a  respectable adult. Compared to her parenting I have seen  multiple grown kids that act like complete spoiled brats who whine  and give temper tantrums and mentally manipulates whenever  they don’t get what they want. Usually I notice that they were not  raised with a healthy dose of Vitamin N. Many are adults now, but  to me they still act like children, thin skinned, malicious, and ill prepared when they find out that they are not the center of the  universe. 

From a Christian perspective, we are all still children,  incapable by our own desires to act in a spiritually mature fashion.  We are in constant need of the Word and Holy Spirit to feed us  soft foods and liquids for one we cannot feed ourselves and two  we are not ready for solid food. This is imagery that Paul uses  multiple times. Another way of putting this is, because we are  sinners we cannot function by ourselves in a way befitting a holy  life. We can’t help but sin, let alone work ourselves towards  salvation. There is a reason why Jesus came to die on the cross  to save us from our sins. Yet, through Christ, we are still children,  and like all children, we need a guardian to guide us and teach us  and provide for us sinners a healthy dose of Vitamin N. And that  dosage comes in the form of the Law.

There are many reasons why we have the Law. To point out  what is sinful, to point us to our sins and expose that we are  sinners which is something to dread over, and to point us towards  Christ who is the source of our Forgiveness. Now many people  absolutely hate the first reason why we have the Law, to point out  what is sinful, but then again what toddler likes it when a parent  tells them quite forcefully, “No!” Now just like a good parent,  because God the Father is also good, in fact the source of what is  good and should truly be the example we should use in what  good parenting looks like, He provides us a list of do nots. He  does not do this out of ill-will or hatred or whimsicalness. He  provides the Law out of love. A child does not know what is good  and bad, thus they need a parent to teach them this. The same  goes for us spiritual infants, for we cannot comprehend morality  and will always depend on God to give us the template, aka the  Law, to help us truly understand what is good and what is sin. He  gave us the Law so that we would know how to walk a healthy life  style. 

The Law was given to us all for our sake. God didn’t force it  down on us like some evil tyrant who orders his subjects to do this  or that. And the Law wasn’t given in such a way that we would get  thrown into Hell because we disobeyed it. Instead the Law, which  existed since the beginning of time, was given to illuminate for us  that which was already considered good and what was already  considered bad. Thus we don’t go to Hell because we disobey the  Law per se, but because we act in a manner that the Law is trying  to warn us will always lead us towards Hell. The Law is good, it  warns us of bad behavior and guides us towards good behavior,  all for our sake. In fact the only reason why perceive the Law as 

bad and a curse is because we are sinners and can’t help but  keep on sinning despite the fact that the Law warns us of such  sins. This is why many come to hate the Law, because their guilty  conscience is getting attacked by the Law which was designed  not to damn but lead us towards the only healthy life style. 

Now, one such habit of a healthy life style, provided for us by  God, is to keep the Sabbath day holy. Like the Law, the Sabbath  was designed for humans, given to us by God as a gift out of love,  all for the sake of directing us toward a healthier life style befitting  a mature Christian. And like Jesus said, Man was not created for  the Sabbath but that the Sabbath was created for Man. 

So if the Sabbath was created for Man then what purpose  does it serve? Quite simply, it was made to encourage  recharging. Men were not created capable of working each and  every day without getting tired physically, mentally, nor spiritually.  Eventually we all need a rest so that we can recharge and keep  on working. A man who works six days a week and rests on the  seventh will always be more productive, happier, focused,  energized, and stable than the one who works all days of the  week. In fact, all things eventually finds rest, either due to strain  and your body or mind forces you to slow down, or unfortunately  due to death. Having a day of rest, a day to relax and recoup, will  always be important. God knew this, so in the Laws he provided  us the instructed necessity to stop one day out of seven and to  reflect on God who is the source of life. So who better can  recharge you than God himself, most especially through Word  and Sacrament?

On Sunday, we rest and come to church so that as one  congregation, a communion of saints, may worship together to  receive and proclaim as one body, the Word and the Sacraments,  both of which Christ is truly present. Thus we literally are  receiving Christ, and it is this receiving that gives us the strength,  not just spiritually, but also mentally and bodily, to work all the  other days of the week. 

Now some may say why the 6 to 1 ratio? Why not once a  month or once a year? Why is it once a week? Does not God  know all the hairs on your head? Is He not the source of all  knowledge and wisdom? And is not the supposed fooliest of God  wiser than the wisest of men? He said once a week, because he  knew this was the perfect ratio. He even lead us by example by  creating for six days and then resting on the seventh. If God  rested on the seventh, and if we lowly humans are much lesser  than our creator, then I believe once a week should be  satisfactory for us humans as well. 

But so that the Pharisees of today’s times don’t abuse the  Law, understand this: the Sabbath was made for us so that we do  not needlessly tire ourselves out, believing in false narcissistic  notions such as the might and wisdom of humans. Because of  this, it is perfectly alright for me and all other pastors to lead  worship on the Sabbath day for your sake, it is perfectly alright to  care for the needy such as David did on the Sabbath, it is alright  to feed your animals, your family, and yourself as food is  necessary to live, and it is most certainly alright to worship on the  Sabbath day.

Again the point of the Sabbath is to promote a healthy life  style that lifts up Life, and of course the only way to truly  accomplish this is by receiving Christ who is the source of Life. 

As you come to the altar table today remember this, the  Sabbath was made for man so you can be filled with new life  through Word and Sacrament. Thus Communion, like the  Sabbath, was made for man to fill you with Life, to fill you with  Christ who is the source of Life. 

Let us pray, 


Dear Heavenly Father, out of kindness for your most  precious creation you instructed us the importance of the  Sabbath, not chaining us to the Sabbath but creating it as a  service for us so that we may receive the necessary portions of  Life which can only come from you in Word and Sacrament in  order to sustain us the rest of the week, bodily, mentally, and  spiritually. In your most holy name we pray, Father, Son, and Holy  Spirit. Amen.

Genesis 3:9-15

Psalm 61:1-8

2 Corinthians 4:13-18

Mark 3:20-35



“Equal Sin”


Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen.


        “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the children of man, and whatever blasphemies they utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.”


        This last Thursday I had a friend come over to this church to be baptized, but before the baptism I instructed her on what is baptism and its importance. I told her multiple things that you yourself have heard me confess, such as: Baptism is not an act of man but an act of God; once Baptized always baptized, but not necessarily always saved since you can deny your baptism; you don’t receive baptism because you believe, but so that you may believe; the importance of infant baptism; etc. We had a good discussion, for I wanted her to be not only ready and to know exactly what she was receiving, but to also be properly educated so that her kids would be properly baptized as early as possible, which is the most loving thing you can ever do for your children. Yet there was one subject that we went on which served as an important foundation as to why Baptism is so important. And that is Sin and forgiveness.


        There is an imagery that many use with regards to good and bad, and that is talking about white and black and the various shades of gray in between. The image goes as such, you may have a discussion on what is right and what is wrong, and this would be considered as black and white thinking. Then someone who interrupt the conversation and interject that there are nuances between such thinking and that we should in all reality be thinking in terms of multiple shades of gray. They may say that certain topics have many gray areas and attempt to get you to come to terms with each other, or at least to avoid extremism. The only problem is that such gray thinking is deeply wrong.


        Many of you may know that I am not a big fan of this many shades of gray thinking, and how when it comes to ethics, morality, sin, evil, there can be only black and white thinking, for gray is black in these regards. Let me explain, if white represents good and black represents bad, then what is gray? It is good mixed with bad. Well if even the tiniest speck of evil is present then the whole thing is tainted. You can only have good or bad. Good mixed with bad is bad. Some may have heard the saying that the greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince the world he did not exist. That is what gray thinking does. It shifts our focus away from Godly things and things of the Devil, while shifting towards excepting some misguided nuances that shatters holy desires and permits evil ones.


        Another image, you have two people discussing on what is true. One is correct and the other is false. These are the only two options, you either speak the truth or you are speaking that which is not true (knowingly or not is not the point). Then alongside comes a person who represents a “Third Truth” who is trying to get to the center of the disagreement. The only problem is a half-truth or half-false statement is still a false statement. You are either entirely true, or you are not. Thus third truths will always be false. And in the case of black and white thinking, third truths will always be black. And in the case of good vs evil, third truths will always be evil. The Third Truth is the tool of the Devil, designed to hide him so he could infiltrate and perverse The Truth which comes only from God.


        Now why did I mention all this? When you have different shades of gray you end up with having a system with various levels of sin. Some sin is permissible, some are bad, and some will always lead to Hell. A fifty shades of gray system for sin will always have a chart that classify sins on a scale of what is ignorable and what can never be ignored. In the days of old, the Church Catholic had such a system, until our Church Fathers dubbed that as heresy as it was a system that allowed the Devil to enter and dictate what sin was permissible within the church.


        When it comes to sin it will always be wrong to approach it with the lens of gray; instead one should always approach sin with black and white thinking. Sin is sin, and sin is evil, therefore all sin is evil and will never cease to be such. If we think in terms of black and white then we get a much more healthy approach towards sin. God is good and He cannot have any sin within Him. Therefore he represents purity and all that is good. Therefore all that is against Him or stands outside of Him is black. Thus in a black and white realm of thinking, white is sinless and black is to have sin. It doesn’t matter how much sin for even the tiniest blight of sin would make the whole outside the definition of sinless.


        Here is the thing, God wants us all to be in heaven, but he cannot have any sin within him. You are either clean, void of sin, or you are not. There is no in between, there is no gray.  Basically, because God demands perfection, all sin from the greatest to the least is equal. The only problem is that no one has ever lived a life void of sin; therefore all have failed God and are incapable of lifting ourselves towards Salvation. Despite this, God loved us so much that He gave His only Son so that through faith in Him we may be forgiven of all our sins thus cleansed and capable of presenting ourselves to God who cannot have sin within Him spotless. Jesus took on all our sin and went to Hell so that when it is our time to be in heaven Christ would serve as our advocate and tell the Father that He already paid the price therefore, we are indeed spotless.


        Because God cannot have any sin within Him, all sin is equal; Black and White. At the same time, because of the Salvation through faith alone in Christ Jesus, who through faith in Him forgives us all our sins, once again, all sin is equal; Black and White. Of course if you blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, not willing to accept the faith which comes first from the Holy Spirit, then you will never have faith in Christ and thus will never be forgiven. That is the only criterion, faith, true faith which is living faith, in Christ.


        When I talked with my friend about baptism it is this equality of sin and the forgiveness of sin that I used as a foundation to explain sin. If all sin is equal, if all people sin, and if God cannot have any sin within Him, then no one through their own devises ever be able to reach salvation. But because Christ died on the Cross to forgive all sin, then as long as you have faith in him then you are saved. And this faith can only come from the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is not something you are born with nor can generate within yourself. The Holy Spirit can only externally enter you, and with it provide the gift of faith, the faith in Christ necessary to be saved. Through Baptism you will, 100% guarantee, free of charge, receive the Holy Spirit and the seal of God will be placed on you.


        This is why infant baptism is so important, because what you are doing is allowing the Holy Spirit to enter the infant, and provide the faith necessary to belief in Christ who is the ultimate source of love and forgiveness and salvation and all that is good. Therefore the most loving thing any parent could ever do for their child is baptize them. The child still have the opportunity to deny Christ, but unless the Holy Spirit externally enters into them they will never have the opportunity to have faith.


        Here is the idiotic thing I have heard often by those who choose not to baptize their kids, they want the child to choose, there for they are withholding baptism until said child can decide on their own. What lunacy! Do they not know that unless the Holy Spirit enters into you that one cannot love God, let alone know God? Do they not know that through the Holy Spirit you are not forced to believe but given the freedom to choose between good and evil? Do they not know that baptism is not an affirmation of one’s faith but a sacrament intended to provide faith? Many do actually know all the above, but still do not baptize.


        But the point is this, I told my friend, through Baptism know this, you are indeed sealed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Faith has been provided and through faith you are indeed saved. All sin has been forgiven, and if at any point you struggle with sin and you will remember your Baptism.


        And to all of you, I say this: first, if you are not baptized I am willing to baptize you… I want to baptize you; second, baptize your kids as early as possible for their sake at least; and third, the most important message, through faith in Christ, which you did receive through the Holy Spirit in Baptism, all your sins are forgiven, for in the eyes of God all sin is equal, there is no gray.


Let us pray,


        Dear Heavenly Father, you who is all good and mighty cannot have sin within you but desire all to be with you, gave for us the most amazing of gifts, through your Son, the opportunity to be forgiven of all our sins and thus live eternally with you in heaven. Help us to never turn away from your gifts but willingly accept them. In your most holy name we pray, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Deuteronomy 6:4-9 

Psalm 149 

Romans 8:14-17 

John 3:1-17 

“St Athanasius” 

Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen. 

When America was founded it was founded on Religious  Freedom. And as the identity of America was being molded and  shaped, the desire to preserve our God-given human rights  became a cornerstone for the foundation our great nation.  Eventually we declared independence, and in the struggle to  protect our newly founded Judeo-Christian nation of freedom,  many lost their lives. 

Once the war concluded, we established our Constitution,  appointed a Lutheran Pastor as our first Speaker of the House,  and then identified in our Bill of Rights the God-given human  rights that are not government-given, but rather government defended; at the top, was Religious Freedom. 

Many lost their lives in order to lift up this new nation with its  new style, one that prized above all else a Christian-like freedom.  And many more jeopardized their livelihoods, their jobs, their  friends and family all for the sake of freedom. They were selfless,  and were more concerned with preserving the freedom of others,  the freedom of this nation, and the freedom of future generations.

As time passed, this freedom we enjoy has been tested, and  many took up the mantle to help preserve this freedom we so  cherish. They, like our forefathers, were willing to give it all up for  the sake that you and I can be free. Though these Americans will  be missed, their sacrifice will be remembered and put not in vain.  

Jesus said in St John 15, “No one has greater love than this,  to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Out of love toward the  world, Jesus, who is God, gave up his life on the cross in order to  save all people. He died to make men holy. Now whereas we are  indeed free though Christ, the world hates this freedom and either  out of malice or genuine care will try to control you. Many  Americans died in order fight against this natural worldly  tendency, all for the sake of defending your God-given rights and  the Constitution which was built to defend such rights from corrupt  overbearing governments. 

Christ died to free us; free us from the tyranny of Satan, free  us from the slavery of sin, and free us from the terror of death.  He, like our American Soldiers, did this all out of love. And just  like how there are many American Soldiers who continue to lay  down their lives to defend the freedom we won by those first  Soldiers who died for our sake, there are many Christian Soldiers  who continue to lay down their lives to defend the freedom that  Christ won for our sake. 

One such scary time in church history, when many  Christians were either killed or exiled, was when the majority of  the church was brainwashed by Arianism. Arianism basically is  the belief that Jesus is not God, is not divine, and thus there is no 

Trinity but only God the Father. To them, Jesus and the Holy  Spirit were not only not God, not equal to the Father, but were  also created beings. This Anti-Trinitarian believe is extremely  harmful for it would mean that God did not come down to Earth,  that Jesus is not Christ, which is God, and that God did not die on  the cross to save us from our sins. Such a belief would also mean  that Jesus was a sinner for all humans are sinners and only God  cannot sin because sin is the opposite/absence of God. The only  reason why Jesus wasn’t a sinner, is because he is God; and if  Jesus was a sinner then that would mean the forgiveness of sins  through the cross never happened. Plus, to say that Jesus was  not God would make Jesus himself a liar. Can you see the issues  at stake here and why Anti-Trinitarianism is so deadly? 

Yet, when Arianism started there was a Great Champion of  Orthodoxy who stood against the heretics who denied the deity of  Christ, St Athanasius. Athanasius, an Egyptian, saw the horrors of  Arianism and boldly fought against it even though the risk of this  was being branded a heretic. Yes, under Arianism to believe  Jesus is God was considered heresy. Many lost their lives to  defend the faith against this atrocious belief, but that did not stop  them. They kept on pressing forward. 

Eventually, Constantine, Emperor of the Roman Empire,  called for a council at Nicaea to settle this issue once and for all.  St Athanasius showed up and presented what we now call the  Nicene Creed. This was the Athanasian’s attempt to preserve the  faith against Arianism. And it appeared Athanasius won the fight,  for his Creed was accepted and Arianism was officially labeled a  heresy, or so it appeared.

The fight for Christianity and the Holy Trinity wasn’t over.  Though it was acknowledged that the whole universal, or catholic,  Church, across all time and space, believed in the Trinity and the  deity of Christ, thus labeling those who do not follow the Creeds  as outside the universal, or catholic, faith, political figures  influenced by Arianism did not allow the issue to die out. In fact,  after the Council of Nicaea, Athanasius was exiled multiple times,  for believing that Jesus is God. He was kicked out of his  homeland, and if he showed his face, would have been killed.  Athanasius never gave up, and he kept on fighting the good fight  against Arianism which just would not die out. Eventually  Athanasius grew old and died, passing on the mantle of fighting  Arianism to St Augustine and his followers. 

In honor of the life Athanasius gave, sacrificing everything in  order to fight Arianism, St Augustine and those of the Augustinian  tradition wrote what we call the Athanasian Creed. It was long,  ungainly, to some confusing, others repetitive, but this Creed was  necessary for it once and for all was the nail that, in excruciating  detail, put to rest the Arian threat. In no uncertain way could any  respectable Christian read this Creed and be an Anti-Trinitarian.  For by invoking the words, “this is the catholic faith,” within the  lengthy body of the Athanasian Creed, the Augustinians laid out  exactly what the faith of which all respectable Christians hold  looks like. This universal faith, held by all true Christians, in  accordance with this Creed, is one that believes in the Triune  God, believes in the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, believes in Heaven and Hell, believes not in Rapture theology but in bodily 

resurrection through the Coming Lord, and believes that one  cannot be saved without faith. 

Understand this, the Athanasian Creed was crafted by those  of the Augustinian Tradition, the predecessors of the Order of St  Augustine, which was later rebranded by the Roman Catholics as  Lutherans. St Augustine himself wrote many letters, preached  many times, and fought still more for preserving Faith alone.  Those of the Order of St Augustine, preserved this teaching, and  did so all the way up to Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, who  preached in accordance with the catholic faith laid out by St  Augustine, which included Faith Alone. After this, the Church  kicked out the then Order of St Augustine, gave them the  derogatory name known as Lutherans, falsely claimed that they  sided with the Protestants who were seeking to leave the Church  and start their own faith, and then reestablish a new Order of St  Augustine that didn’t include that nasty Faith Alone clause that  could be found in almost all of the well-known letters by  Augustine. 

It was these people who created the Athanasian Creed and  who so craftily added a couple faith alone clauses. Let me read  them, “Whoever wants to be saved should think thus about the  Trinity. It is necessary for eternal salvation that one also faithfully  believe that our Lord Jesus became flesh… This is the catholic  faith. One cannot be saved without believing this firmly and  faithfully.” Nowhere in the Creed does it talk about works, yet  here, multiple times, it states that salvation comes from faith.  Whoever wishes to be save should think this… it is necessary for salvation to faithfully believe… one cannot be saved without  believing. This is the catholic faith. 

Again, nowhere is works mentioned, but multiple times faith  is when it comes to salvation. And here is another nugget, in  accordance to the Augustinian Tradition which observes Paul,  they recognize in accordance with Romans, and Galatians, and  Ephesians that you can only believe in Works Alone or Faith  Alone, not both. The people who wrote this Creed, believed in  faith alone and believed that you are saved through works alone  or faith alone for once works is present faith is null n void, but  because humans are naturally wicked and cannot save  themselves that means you could only be saved through faith  alone. These are the people who wrote this Creed which states,  “This is the catholic [universal] faith.” 

Because of this Creed, the fight against the Arians was just  around the corner. The long fight that Athanasius started was not  in vain. Those who died to preserve the belief that Christ is God,  those who were exiled to preserve this faith, and those whose  lives were ruined all for the sake of Jesus’ name, we thank them  for their selfless service and remember their sacrifice. God never  abandoned them, and nor did He allow their sacrifice go in vain;  for had not God been working through them, there would be no  hope in eternal salvation which was won for us through the cross. 

The same thoughts could also be extended to our American  Soldiers. The long fight that the first settlers started was not in  vain. Those who died for liberty, those who were persecuted for  preserving the American way of life, and those whose lives were 

ruined all for the sake of promoting and defending our God-given  rights, we thank them for their selfless service and remember their  sacrifice. God never abandoned them, and nor did He allow their  sacrifice go in vain; for had not God been working through them,  there would be no hope in living in a free and just land. 

Let it be known that God was indeed working with, in, and  through our American Soldiers, our Founding Fathers, our Church  Fathers, and through those who follow the Augustinian Tradition. 

Let us pray, 


Dear Heavenly Father, + to you, your Son, and the Holy  Spirit we give praise for you are all indeed one true Triune God  who saved us from sin on the Cross and works alongside us the  Church now and forever. Amen.

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