Micah 6: 1-8

Psalm 15

1 Corinthians 1: 18-31

St. Matthew 5: 1-12


“Blessed are the Meek”


Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen.


In grade school I had a very close friend who I would always

hang out with during recess or after school. She was a dear friend

of mine who cared neither for my short statue nor complications

with communication, unlike all the bullies I suffered from growing

up. Unlike them, she was kind and quite intelligent, top of her

class. I treasured those days, but then in middle school teenager

Chris had to ruin everything.

All I had going in elementary school was my talent at art. I

wasn’t very good at much else… that is until I discovered Algebra

in 4 th grade. All of a sudden I discovered an academic talent I was

proud of, which led me to actually start caring about my academic

life. So in middle school I focused on getting as many A’s as

possible, but I had one stumbling block, my best friend was better

than me academically at everything outside of math and art. So I

started to get jealous of her.

With each month this jealousy in 7 th grade grew, to the point

that I ruined my entire relationship with this friend of mine by

blowing up in her face about how much better she was than me. I

wasn’t one to get angry, so it must have been a right shock to her

when I suddenly started flinging verbal abuses at her one day



after school. But that was all it took. I stopped speaking to her

after that, but mostly because of the shame I felt. And she

stopped looking at me. My pride got the better of me, a stupid 13

year old kid.

Some of you already know I’m not a fan of those who out of

pride attack those who prove to be right, using words such as,

“Oh, you just always have to be right.” When I was a snot-nosed

brat new to puberty I was that person. And when my little brother,

whom I love, hit puberty he became that sort of person toward me

as well. Ignore the fact that he corrected my horrendous grammar

every opportunity he got, whenever we disagreed and I was

proven to be correct, such as fixing appliances, instead of

acknowledging the truth he would get verbally and sometimes

physically abusive. In his youth, he always had to be more correct

than me, and that pride compelled him to be unable to accept

being wrong.

Many of us go through that stage of life and grow out of it,

learning from our mistakes, yet when I look at humanity as a

whole with regards to our relationship with God I see that we have

not learned from our mistakes and still act as snot-nosed teenage

brats incapable of acknowledging that we are wrong and God is

always right.

We look at God in anger and say to Him, “You just always

have to be right.” Yes, He does, for He alone determines what is

right and what is wrong, as well as what is good and what is evil.

But when we raise our fists at God what we are really saying is,



“How dare you expose me a fool; how dare you expose I am

wrong; how dare you expose my actions as sinful.”

We want to control God; put Him in a box and demand

things from Him. And when things don’t go our way we, humanity,

get a temper tantrum. We demand that He accepts our sinful

ways and that He turn a blind eye as we do that which is

objectively evil. We demand that the guilt and shame we feel

when we do evil be taken away so that our fragile pride can stay

intact as we continue to displease God. We look at His frown and

demand that He smile at our bad conduct; that He wipe his face of

dissatisfaction as it makes us uncomfortable. If you love us God

should you not accept our every life style and make us eternally

happy? We want to become God for we have grown to despise

the authority of God which exposes our sinfulness. We want to

determine what is truly good and evil so that we are never in the

wrong. In the end, when we look at the Law we are overcome with



How dare God tell me that this action is a sin! I will perfectly

obey this and that in the Law of Moses, but this I cannot abide

and demand that no one use Scripture to tell me that this

particular action or belief is a sin.

This is a struggle that surprisingly most Christians face.

Though we wish to follow the Law for through the power of the

Holy Spirit we have come to realize that it is indeed good and for

our own benefit, for humanity was not made for the Law but the

Law for humanity, we still struggle with sin. We are both sinner

and saint; saint not on account of our actions but solely on



account of God’s grace, and, so long as we live in this temporal

life, still sinners. And it is the sinner in us that causes us trouble

as we look at the Law with love in part but with hatred at other

parts. We acknowledge we are sinners, but rarely do we like

hearing an action we do regularly called a sin. We become

personally attacked and the Old Adam in us gets riled up as we

start to make unreasonable demands.


Examples include when Jesus Christ Himself says that

remarrying someone else after a divorce is a sin. This directly

cuts at the heart of most adults for it seems in America all have

either divorced or have been affected by divorce. Hearing these

words from Christ hurts, and we rather sweep them under the rug

then to hear them, get angry, and then feel guilty over getting

angry at God. Another example includes when God tells us that

both homosexuality and transgenderism is a sin; same reaction.

What about when God tells us that abortion and supporting

abortion are both sins? Do we get angry at God and scream,

“How dare you”? Do we commit blasphemy, the only

unforgiveable sin, by putting God in a box and proclaiming that

God actually supports remarriage after divorce, homosexuality,

abortion, and such?

In our efforts to be wise, to be strong, intelligent, morally-

right, powerful, or famous we become puffed up clowns that boast

in the presence of God our own vane glory. And in our own self-

righteousness we demand a mighty court case with God as the

accused. But when we plead our case, without fail, the case flips

and we suddenly become the accused. In our vane glory we think

we are better than God, only to be humbled. God demands how



He has wearied us and short of proclaiming that good is evil and

evil is good we cannot answer His demands. He has blessed us

all, including those who hate Him, with life and family and food

and so much. If anything it is our own neighbors that fault us, not

God. But He has given us so much and we still rise up demanding

more. Who are we to demand anything from God when He has

already given us so much?


And how do we react? Instead of doing good we offer

sacrifices. We are still skirting the issue at hand, for do not want

to address that we are wrong. All we have to do is be meek, to

humble ourselves before the Lord. But we can’t do even that. How

can we satisfy your anger O Lord? How about a burnt offering,

no? Well how about a thousand rams? Ten thousand rivers of oil?

How about my first born son? Now that one’s an irony. How about

you just do what I [God] commanded?

Notice how none of these offerings address the issue at

hand for they still want to do that which is wrong. It is like giving

money to a police officer to look the other way as you commit a

crime. These people who go to court with God want to please

God but not at the cost of their desires; that’s the whole point.

They want an excuse to not feel guilty and to continue acting in

what they would like to claim is not sinful. Such fake humility!

True humility would seek the forgiveness of God with a guilty

conscience admitting that you have sinned. A truly humble heart

would repent, know that God has forgiven them on account of the

free offering through the cross, and then try as hard to do that

which is right. A humble person when he stumbles would not try



and hide such under a rug with platitudes, but acknowledge that

they messed up and asks the Lord God who is merciful for


To the meek who knows he is weak, a fool, and try as he

might just can’t get his ducks in a row, but seeks the Lord who is

his strength, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption –

to him, the Lord God above has no frowns but smiles and

blessings. Such a person blames not God nor gets angry at God

but rather blames and gets angry at themselves and the fallen

human state. Such a person who is meek would dare not boast in

themselves, but boasts in the Lord who is their strength. For they

have realized that if they are blessed then such blessings come

not from within but from God alone.

Let me end with a thought. Had we not been meek toward

the Lord would we have accepted His forgiveness of sins? …No,

we wouldn’t. So the meek are truly blessed, for they did not refuse

the free gift of Salvation.


Let us pray,

Dear Heavenly Father, humble the sinner we dreadfully are,

and lead us away from the temptation of justifying sin. Give us

quiet hearts as we come to terms with our own wickedness while

seeing the abundant mercy you offer us through your Son our

Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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