Acts 5: 12, 17-32 

Psalm 148 

Revelations 1: 4-18 

John 20: 19-31 

“I Am Sending You” 

Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen. 

In our Gospel today, it is still the day of our Lord’s  

Resurrection. Multiple of Jesus’ disciples have already witnessed  the empty tomb; one of whom, Mary Magdalene, Jesus had  already visited. And now it is evening. After witnessing this empty  tomb, the disciples huddled into a room and locked the door for  they became terrified of what the Jews might do to them,  especially the high elders, now that news of the empty tomb was  spreading, and fast. But there fear was quickly washed away as  Jesus appeared before them stating once and then again, “Peace  be with you.” 

They became glad for they knew, after seeing his wounds,  that this was indeed their Rabbi and Lord, not dead but truly alive.  Any fear that they might have held on to went away as their minds  were directed away from a potential attack from angry Jews and  toward the amazing presence of Jesus who was right in front of  them. With Jesus cemented in their hearts, with the knowledge  that not even death could conquer him, nothing could hold a  candle in their hearts to the joy and love and faith they felt in  Jesus. No fear in anyone or anything, be it zealot or Pharisee, roman or king, courts or trial, or even death itself, nothing was  capable of overcoming the joy they had in seeing Jesus.

And it is for this reason that I say it isn’t the fear of the Jews  that traumatized the disciples, but fear of facing the Jews without  Jesus by their side. Fear of abandonment was what gripped their  hearts. They are like a demoralized army that finds out their king  handed himself over to the enemy and was executed, or an army  that finds out that their prince went into hiding. To those who  

played sports, imagine what would happen to your team if your  couch, after seeing the opposition, chooses to give up without  even allowing the team to try. The disciples were like these  examples, for the source of their courage, the one they placed  their faith and hope in, the one whom they looked up to, was  gone. 

But with Christ present before them, the story changes; for  they are instead like a little army who sees their king riding in  battle before them. They are like a weak force infants to the heat  of battle invigorated with shouts of Hoo-rah, as they see their  mighty general slaying one enemy after another. They are like a  sports team that just received a roaring speech from their couch,  lighting a flame of hope in their bellies as they face a team that  has never lost a match. They are like anyone who when faced  with overwhelming odds against them face their titans head on for  they have placed their faith in something higher. The fears the  disciples faced didn’t go away because they found out the Jews  no longer wished death upon them. Their fears were washed  away because the King has returned. If the enemy was to take my  life then so be it, for I know that my Lord lives, and my hope in  him is stronger than any fear I once had.

They knew the Jews and the Romans didn’t give up on  them. That troubling lot will eventually rear its ugly head and  much death and suffering will come. This is most certainly true,  and this is a fact that still remains. And it’s not like this was a fact  that they forgot. Rather it was the fear that they forgot. For if  Christ lives, and we live with him, then what do we have to fear.  Yes, I might die, I fear not death, for through the risen Lord death  has lost its sting. So with Christ in front of them, the disciples, fear  has also lost its sting. 

Then telling them, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am  sending you,” He also breathed on them the Holy Spirit. In  Scripture, in every single account, Old and New Testament,  whenever life is given it is through the Breathe of God. In Genesis  God breathed life into Adam. With regards to the dry bones in the  valley of death which represented Jerusalem, it is the breathe of  God that breathed life into the bones. And for us, it is the breathe  of God that brings us to life anew. When Jesus, who is God,  breathed on the disciples he said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” He  was breathing the Holy Spirit on to them so that they would never  forget this feeling of faith and hope they had in Jesus. 

Yes, Jesus may not always be with them in the same  manner he has been for the last three years, but he with never  abandon them. He is with them, now and forever more. And it is  the Holy Spirit that provides them with the knowledge and faith  that as they go out, sent by God, they are not going away from  God but are being sent by God who will always be with them.  From that day forth, note that as the disciples went out into the  world, sent by God, their lack of fear. No longer did they fear the 

shame trials. No longer did they fear threat of death. No longer  did they fear threats against friend or family. No longer did they  fear authority figures, politicians, and the likes. All these they did  have concerns about, but they did not fear, for faith in God and  the desire to follow him trumped all. 

In our first reading, we see proof of this. The disciples have  just been thrown in jail for preaching about Jesus, for claiming  without Jesus all will go to Hell, for openly aggravating the high  priests by calling them murderers, but also presenting the means  of forgiveness which is to have faith in the very one whom they  killed. The threat of captivity did not stop the disciples. And when  an angel of the Lord rescued them they continued to preach the  Good news in open at the synagogues once again, knowing full  well that the high priests will find out. It didn’t matter to them.  Throw me in jail. Kill me. Take the life of all that I love. I will not  shut my mouth and throttle the Holy Spirit. 

The Elders, furious, used their political prowess to question  the disciples, saying, “We strictly charged you not to teach in this  name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and  you intend to bring this man’s bold upon us.” They hated the fact  that Peter and the disciples kept on proclaiming to the masses  that Jesus’ blood is on the hands of these Elders and chief priests  and Sadducees and Pharisees. How dare you claim I have blood  on my hands! How dare you judge Me! They throw their authority  around thinking that they have the right to judge and command  but be clear of all judgment themselves. They can’t handle to be  under scrutiny all while they try and silence, cancel the voices of  all they disagree with; choosing to ruin the lives of these disciples.

Thinking that they have authority, and that all should simply  obey because of authority or that all should simply believe them  because they are authority figures, they got irritated at the  disciples who choose not to listen and obey, but rather walk into  their house and parade around, protesting the priests by  proclaiming loudly the Good News. No threat the authoritarian  priests gave deterred this thorn in their side. No matter what they  said or did, the nuisance known as Christians kept on rising up. 

They never backed down because they feared God more  than they fear men. They never backed down because they loved  God more than they loved men. They never backed down  because they obeyed God rather than men. Compared to God’s  authority, what authority does man have? None. So if God and  the culture with her brainwashed disciples come at odds who  should we follow? Who should we give fealty to? Who should we  appeal to? To appeal to experts and politicians and commanders  on the mere basis of their supposed expertise is nonsense and  mindless, but it is even more nonsensical when the supposed  experts command you to go against God using their authority as a  bludgeoning tool. 

I have witnessed multiple attempts by the disciples of Satan  to intimidate good Christians into silence by threat of jail, loss of  scholarship, loss of friends, loss of family, loss of job, loss of  payment, media induced slander, etc. But I have also witnessed  those very same Christians rise up to defend God as they  remember that they are sent by Jesus. The Cake baker rose up  for Jesus. The Bishop of Finland rose up for Jesus. Pastors in 

Canada and California rose up in unrestricted worship for Jesus.  Persecuted Christians in Central Africa, India, and in China are  rising up for Jesus. The Alliance Defending Freedom and all  conservative chaplains and pastors aligned with it have risen up  for Jesus. Couches rose up for Jesus. Supposed “Christian  Nationalists” rose up for Jesus. Students and teachers rose up for  Jesus in school. And even parishioners rose up for Christ in their  own god-forsaken churches. 

Blessings on all who rise up against the satanic forces which  wants us to remain silent. For Jesus says in Luke, “Blessed are  you when people hate you and when they exclude you and revile  you and spurn your name as evil, on account of the Son of Man!” All who rise up are truly blessed for no longer do they allow fear to  push them down but like the disciples have placed their faith in  Jesus alone who already died on the cross and has risen from the  grave so that all who believe in him will not perish but live  eternally. With that promise fulfilled, what do I have to fear?  Absolutely nothing! 

“He is Alive” 

(Chorus) He-e He He’s Alive (x4) 

1. I can see above the clouds and 

I can hear Him call my name out loud. 

2. He has come that I might have life 


And more life than I have had before.

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