King Maker


Grace and peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.


          Many of you may know of the concept known as king maker. It is a political term referring to those with such power that they in the end have the ultimate say of who is at the top and how those at the top operate. This could be the long standing respected elder who speaks and all listens. This could be the stubborn collective of individuals who will always vote in tandem and never for anything except for that which perfectly matches their ideals. This could be those close to seats of power directing the country from the shadows. Examples of such that comes to mind includes a young king's wise high counselor of whom the young king listens to and respects; or a conspiring rich person who has his money in the pockets of many who legislate, judge, and execute power; or Benjamin Franklin during the early years of our country whom many were willing to change their minds if Benjamin said so; or, in fantasy, Merlin who practically raised the new King Arthur.


          There are many variations and examples of this concept of “King Maker” but there is one thing they all have in common, they all have the power, whether that is out of respect or cunning or abusive behavior, to get their desired outcome. For many, all they have to do is speak and things happen.


          Now there is one “King Maker” that is far grander and effectively capable than all the other “King Makers”. For all other “King Makers” are but humans, but this one is God Himself, particularly God the Father. Is not God the creator of all things? Did he not just speak and things came into being. Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be earth, and rain, and vegetation, and beast, and humans. All came to be with a simple word. He speaks and it is so. Then there is the fact that he gave dominion over the earth to his final and greatest creation, humans. He gave us dominion, authority, the right to tend to His world as we please, and eventually also the right to govern ourselves with the sword. He basically made us kings.


          But there cannot be a house full of chiefs, for one must eventually take charge. Wars and power struggles have been waged all to settle who would have dominion and power and the right to rule. Many have waged battles out of fear of a new rising power. The Hebrews were persecuted by the Egyptians out of fear of their rising numbers. So the pharaoh craftily put them into chains of slavery. Yet these people, chosen by God, Children of Israel, eventually were freed from slavery and found themselves in the land given to them by God. Israel grew in strength, by the blessing and direction of God to the point that it became a shining beacon that all other nations looked up to. They, a once small people, a cedar sapling, became the mighty and noble cedar tree that grew on the highest peak, placed by God Himself.


          Israel's might came from God, for without Him they would have been nothing, but through Him they became the envy of the world. God was their King Maker, but he didn't just make Israel. It was God who appointed David and made him King of the Jews, this little shepherd boy. God picked him of many to become the mighty king of Israel. And through David, Solomon, and the many descendants there of. Some good, some bad, all of whom would have never of been King without God who first chose David.


          But eventually the kingship of Israel came to an end with God's people being put back into chains. Israel split into two countries and their might was halved and they became enemies of each other. Rival countries filled with evil did Israel become, brother against brother. They were not the united country they once were. They ceased to be what God intended to be. Instead the land of Israel that was blessed by God split into Israel and Judah. Two nation states occupying an area intended by God to be as one nation. Kind of like Israel and Palestine today. God did not like this, and because the two could not unify under God's Judean law, under the Torah, as one Israel, He, their benefactor, led them to slavery as punishment by blessing their enemies. God is their King Maker, and because they could not follow Him, He, the source of Israel's might, took this great country and brought it to its knees. Israel under Egypt was the lowly, and under God they became the high tree; Israel before their Babylonian Captivity was the high tree, and God brought them low.


          Eventually Israel was released from their captivity and was starting back up again, yet there was still great sin and turmoil. Israel was never the same, and instead of being a great nation they found themselves subjects to the First Reich, the Roman Empire. When will their next David come? When will God send a savior? When will our King Maker appoint for us a Messiah who would lead us back into Salvation? God gave His people a promise; when was He going to deliver?


          Under Pontius Pilate there was a new king. For God sent us the greatest of kings, His own Son, King of Kings. This, Jesus of Nazareth, was to be the desired Messiah, but not the kind the Israels expected. He came in might, but not their expected might. He came with power, but not with the expected power. He came with authority, but not with the expected authority. Jesus Christ, the greatest of kings, did not come with political might, power, or authority, but with God, His Father's, might, power, and authority. None could challenge His might. But what is His might? The authority Jesus was one of true Salvation and eternal life. His was not a temporal usage that granted momentary pleasure, but a much higher one which provides for all who come to Him everlasting bliss.


          Under Pontius Pilate, Jesus came to His fulness when he willingly gave Himself up on the cross. He hung on that tree, raise for all to see, wounded, bleeding, broken, with a crown of thorns on His head, and a sign that claimed Him as the King of the Jews. He was the mighty who was humbled for our sake and crushed with all our sins towards Hell. He was the humble, lifted up for all to see, on that awful tree. Yet through Him, we too are lifted up. We send to Hell with Jesus all our sins, denying ourselves, humbling ourselves. We like in baptism, are buried with Jesus, putting to rest the old Adam. But also through Jesus we are raised high as new Adams.


          We are dreadful sinners, and because of our sins we can't do anything but despair over our inadequate nature. We are doomed to fail, doomed to damnation, already. Who are we but wicked worms? Yet we who are tarnished rubble, cracked and damaged, because of our sins, through Christ are wiped clean, restored, mended. Through Christ we are like a cracked and dirty piece of furniture that is sanded, glued, repainted, stained, buffed, and all sorts of measured used to restore a piece. Christ does this to us and for us. He looks on us lowly persons with compassion and gives Himself up for us so that we may be able to be brought up to lofty heights.


          And I ask you this, are we, saved by Christ, not heirs to God's Kingdom? Did not Christ say that if we love Him and follow Him that we we be considered His brother or sister? And if we are brothers and sisters to a king what does that make us? What was that title I used to describe Jesus Christ? King of Kings! He is the King of kings, but who are these kings that Jesus is the king of? You and me. Because we are heirs of God's Kingdom then through Christ our King, God the Father anoints us lowly servants as kings. God is still our “King maker”.


          In the beginning He appointed Adam and all of humanity through him as “kings” by giving him authority over all the earth. Through Christ, we are once again appointed, Christian Kings.


Let us pray,


          Dear Heavenly Father, you who placed all the stars in the sky and appointed the hours of day and night, you who created all thing and is the source of all authority, We ask that through your Son Jesus Christ that you continue to humble us and put to rest our wickedness, and to each day help us rise from our sinfulness in faith toward you. We ask this in your most glorious name Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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