Acts 4:8-12 

Psalm 139:1-11 

1 John 1:1-2:2 

Luke 24:36-49 

“In His Name” 

Grace and Peace to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, Amen. 

You’ve heard the saying, “Through Him all things are  possible.” This is most certainly true, but not in the way many in  our past throughout history have interpreted. For example, many  have said that they are now capable of doing this or that, simply  because they have faith, only to get disappointed when said  things don’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, miracles do happen, but  just because a miracle can happen does not mean a miracle will  happen. That is what is meant when we say that through Him all  things are possible. Miracles are indeed possible because of Him.  For what is a miracle? Anything that defies the Laws of Nature,  quite simply. 

I can already imagine a supposed scientist controlled by the  religion of secularism stating that miracles are impossible and  can’t happen because they defy the Laws of Nature. Such a  statement would cause me to do a face palm and groan in agony  for that is what makes a miracle a miracle. Let me ask you this,  who created the Laws of Nature? God? So the Laws of Nature  are only possible because of God who is the source of their  existence? Is God subject to His creation or are the Laws of  Nature subject to their Creator? Obviously, the latter. Therefore,  because the Laws are subject to God and not the other way 

around could God do something in addition to the Laws? And if  He was to do something in addition to the Laws then would that  not imply that the addition is outside the Law? And if this thing  God did was outside the Law then would that not classify God’s  action as a miracle? Congratulations, miracles are possible, but  only through God. And on top of that, all things that are not  miracles, aka under the Laws of Nature, are de facto possible  through God because He created them. 

One such miracle is the Resurrection. The resurrection of  our Lord and Savior is a miracle, only possible through the  intercession of our Father in Heaven. It is only through Him that  Jesus’ resurrection was possible, for resurrection does not fit in  the natural laws. In fact, resurrection defies the natural laws.  Many have said that Jesus not resurrected, nay born of a virgin  birth, because the such do not follow the Laws of Nature. They  are impossible. Well yah, they are impossible, which is why when  our Lord and Savior was born of a virgin and raised from the dead  following his sacrifice on the cross it was a pretty big deal. But it’s  impossible, such clueless people may insist. Yes, yes, but  through God, in His Name, it is indeed Possible, for in His Name,  all things miracles and natural laws are possible. The mere fact  that Jesus rose from the grave, and He indeed did rose from the  grave, proves that miracles can happen, that God exists, and that  God is above the natural laws which He established. 

It is only through His Name that such things are possible.  Only through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God’s most Holy  Name, that the chains of the natural forces and the chains of  Satan are broken and miracles and good works become possible. 

We who were once subjects to both Satan and the natural laws  understand this slavery to be true, for under them our capabilities  were limited. Under them there is no hope, no love, no good  works, no freedom, no righteousness, no healing, no faith, no  moving of mountains. But under, with, and through the Name of  Christ, all of us have indeed been set free from this tyranny. In His  Name we do have hope, love, the ability to conduct good works,  freedom, righteousness, healing that surpasses all understanding,  faith, and the right to tell a mountain to move. Again, this does not  mean that these things will indeed happen, but that through Christ  and in His Name alone, they may happen. 

By ourselves, we cannot hope to accomplish any of these  things. We can’t even do one thing void of sin without the help of  God, let alone believe in God. But when His Word enters into our  hearts, He provides us with the faith necessary to truly believe in  God and thus be set free and do all things. This is why we baptize  not in our name or in the name of one of the disciples, but in the  Name of the Triune God, for there is power in His Name. If we do  not say, “I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son,  and of the Holy Spirit,” then we are not truly baptizing but are  simply getting a poor person needlessly wet. But through both the  water and the Word, when we invoke His most Glorious Name,  then the Spirit enters into the baptized and provides them with the  faith necessary to finally believe in the Triune God. It is in His  Name that we have faith. 

This is why we do not pray to Saints or angels or archangels,  to Mary or the Disciples, to Seraphim or Cherubim, to princes or  Lords, let alone ourselves. We do not pray to them nor in their 

name for none of them, nor our self, have an ounce of power. No,  instead we pray in the Name of our one true King and God,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For true power comes from His  Name, not in these other things. Now the Saints and angels and  archangels do have power, but their power is not their own, for  their power comes from God alone. And because their power  comes from God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we do not pray  to them for their power, but to the source of their power who is  also the source of our power. 

This is why when we go out into the world proclaiming the  Good News we do not claim that it is us who converts believers,  but His Name alone which has filled each and every individual  with the faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who is also now  their Lord and their Savior. It is in His Name alone that Christians  are born. You’ve heard me said in my sermons before how  professing Jesus is Christ is a miracle in of itself? This is because  nothing on earth can open our eyes to the truth. We are born  slaves to Satan and unless the Word enters into us we remain  slaves to Satan. As slaves, the evil tyrant forces us to blindness  which prevents us from seeing reality. By our own powers we  cannot overcome the Devil, but through His name we conquer  Lucifer and are set free, finally capable of expressing the plain  truth, that Jesus is Christ. Again, only through His Name are  miracles possible. Thus it is not us who converts, we have neither  power nor ability to reason faith in anything, but God alone who  speaks through us and through us enter into the hearts of those  who listen to our testimonies and proclamations.

This is why when we convert we proclaim His Name to all  nations, to the old and young, to the blind and deaf, to Gentile and  Jew, to Americans all the way to Europe to South Africa to China  to Australia. All nations and all people are in need of hearing not  our voices and our wisdom and our power but in His Name which  is the Word filled with wisdom and power. 

This is why when miracles do happen such as unexplainable  healings we do not profess that it was the saint who performed  the miracle but Jesus Christ alone. It is in His Name that we heal  and move mountains, and if the world obeys it does so not  because of our commands or faith per se but because of God  who is the source of our authority. So next time a snake charmer  conducts healing and exorcisms know this, their smokes and  mirrors and usage of tricks and deceit are just that, for unless they  invoke the name of God, the true name of God which is and only  is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then their antics are exposed as  fake as the eye can see. Many supposed pastors, aka conmen,  have swindled money off of genuinely worried Christians through  their circus acts. Be wary of them for they have no power. Only  God can perform miracles, thus when such do happen, we don’t  praise the saint but God who is the source of miracles. 

Nothing exists without God, and nothing is possible without  God. Through His Name, all this and so much more is possible.  The Church, Salvation, Heaven, Divine Fellowship, Communion,  Forgiveness of Sins; all this and so much more is only possible  through the Name of God. We who are but a mere creation of  God, subjects to the Laws God has established, are nothing  compared to the might and wisdom and knowledge and goodness 

that comes from God. We pale in comparison, for who can  compare to their Creator? Even if all of Humanity was to gather  together and globalize against God, turning ourselves, humanity,  into God, we would be an ant to God. Yet, though we are but  lowly servants, God does not look down on us. He does not treat  us like how one may treat the ground they walk on, walking all  over it. God looks at us with compassion and grace. He looks out  for us and provides for us. He gives us power and dominion over  the earth. He looks at us lowly servants and even gave himself up  on the cross, acting as a servant to us, all in order to save us. We  are nothing, God is all powerful. We do not deserve grace; God  gave it to us anyways. We do not deserve to be kings; God  anointed us anyways. We have no power; in God’s Name He has  provided us the power to conquer Satan himself. All things are  possible through His Name. 

Let us pray, 


Dear Heavenly Father, you are our ever provider and  protector, the source of our existence and the source of our  salvation. Through your Son and the Holy Spirit we know that we  are saved and that the promise of heaven is indeed ours.  Continue to guide us, providing miracles, and the power to  overcome all to include the Devil. We ask you all this in your most  Holy Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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