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What is Palm Sunday all about?

Palm Sunday is a special day for lots of Christians. It marks the start of something called Holy Week and it always falls on the Sunday before Good Friday andĀ Easter Sunday.

It also marksĀ the last week of Lent, which is a time when lots of people give up something they love for 40 days.

Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem just days before his death. The Bible, which is the book Christians read, says that Jesus rode into the city on a donkey. People waved palm leaves and cheered him.

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Franciscan friars wearing surgical masks and gloves made house calls in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, delivering olive branches to Christians who are self-isolating as a precaution against the coronavirus.

One of the friars used a loud-hailer in the streets of the walled Old City to summon people to their front doors and windows, where they received branches and blessings.

The beginning of the Holy Week leading to Easter, Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. Scripture speaks of his supporters scattering palm fronds in his path, an act often replicated today with branches of other native trees.

Jerusalem's churches, like Muslim, Christians and Jewish places of worship, are closed to the public. That has prompted the faithful to find alternatives to group prayer in a month in which the festivals of Passover, Easter and Ramadan will be marked in close succession.

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