Lindsay discovered neighborhoods of severe poverty. She initially bought food and created food packages that would feed a family of four for one week. These she distributed by hand. Eventually, she decided this was not the answer because it appeared to be contributing to their dependency.

Lindsey then turned to education. She acquired iPads and began holding work sessions under the trees and teaching young people arithmetic and grammar. She formed a group of friends back in Ohio to help fund raise and to act as advisers to her.

As news spread, her popularity grew. Kids have walked over five miles to attend her sessions with the iPads. Through the fundraising and Lindsey's personal contacts, she acquired more iPads and today she is able to conduct meaningful sessions for numerous young people.

As her popularity has grown, so has the fundraising. Strength for the Journey has recently adopted even more aggressive goals. The organization has begun providing school supplies, renovated a building to use as a classroom, and issued backpacks to participating children.

After receiving the boxes of Christmas costumes and putting them to use, she shared with us a letter from Father Jose Benito Castillo and photographs of the children.

She writes:  "...The teens wore the costumes and performed the re-enactment at all the services at Christmas and then, again, on 3 Kings Day, January 6, when the church had a special service and festival for children, with almost 700 in attendance. Your donation was appreciated by about 1,200 people over the Christmas holidays..."  

Father Jose Benito Castillo writes: "...I pray for you all, and likewise, I ask you to pray for me and my Church."

If anyone would like more information about Strength for the Journey or would like to donate, they may write to: St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 214 E. 2nd Street, Port Clinton, OH 43452

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